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So here's one that is actually the opposite of my usual; I've been several times but never alone. It is the 'sharing' kind of place given that it is a tapas bar, but I am pleased to announce that it also works out super well if you're going it alone. It has a very small bar that one can sit at and again, I was pleasantly surprised that there was no wait for me to snag a chair. Segovia doesn't take reservations so it's always a bit of a race for seating, even the comparably less favourable bar stools.

Le menu. Don't be intimidated by
the brief descriptions; your server
can totally help you pick some
good ones.
What I really liked about this spot is that the bar seating isn't in front of the bar but rather in front of part of the kitchen so you get to watch some meal prep rather than bar-tending which is a cool change up for the seasoned solo diner.When I sat down, I saw exactly what I wanted to try first being prepared, so it was really easy to ask what it was since it was literally being made right in front of me (beef tartare tostada, for the curious). My server was also really great at describing what was on the menu since, as you can see, there's a limited description of the dishes so if you lack a culinary vocabulary, having a translator is useful. While Segovia is a pricey place, I find your dollar buys you more variety than at another top dollar place like Deer + Almond. The plates are small enough that even someone with my appetite can try four of five different things without spending more than at my other $$$ rated places.

Another thing I've always appreciated at Segovia is how they change up their menu; there are some standards as well as daily features for variety but they also change up the rest of their menu.. quarterly? I want to say quarterly. Anyway, it changes ever few months (save a few standards) so you won't get bored or completely lose your favourites.

When I went in on Friday they had a scallop feature that was the most AMAZING texture; it was the best thing I've ever had in my mouth and I know how that sounds and I don't care. The gazpacho it was served in was a little weird as a complement, but I didn't care because, again, oh-em-gee, that scallop.My tartare dish disappointed me a little; I didn't think the hard corn tortilla went super well with the tartare itself and found the green goop (the chef told me it was yogurt with parsley and some other green stuff that I forget now) kind of overpowered the meat bit, which is the main reason I like tartare. Nonetheless, I appreciate that they tried something different with one of my favourite ways to eat raw food. The cocktails here were on par with the other $$$ places I've been to: well-made, strong, not sweet, While that kind of drink isn't generally my bag, I thought I'd try a couple for, uh, research purposes. My go-to drink at Segovia is sangria and since I'm usually not here alone, a pitcher is the way to go. They do sell it by the glass but since it's super chilly for June (because, Winnipeg) I wasn't feeling it; I like my fruity fizzy drinks on hot days, preferably outdoors.

I still feel like a bit of a tool snapping
pics of my food/impending food.
And saying, 'no, really, it's for my
blog' makes it sound even more
obnoxious. Here's where I was
sitting. The tattooed arm is the
culinary wizard who seared my
scallop. That sounds like an
innuendo. It really isn't.
I'm not usually into desserts when I go out alone; sweets take money and calories away from my preferred vice of hard alcoholism BUT the marscapone dates are the best thing ever, Jesus Christ, try at least one no matter how weird you think it sounds.They are also a rare example of something actually being cheaper in a restaurant than making it yourself. They once printed the recipe in Ciao! magazine which I did make and they tasted EXACTLY like the ones you order from Segovia. However, the ingredients are not cheap. Per date, I suppose it's cheaper, but as much as I like them there is no way I can eat the 32 or so in one go that you'd have to make to make the endeavor economical. And, at $2 a piece, there is no reason not to ad a couple to your bill at the end of your meal.

Overall, this is one of the best dates you can take yourself on; super staff and seating that doesn't make you feel like a werido, expensive enough to feel classy without making you gag a little when you see your bill, and they make eating your vegetables fun (I had the asparagus dish at the suggestion of my server and didn't regret taking it over something with less vitamins in it).

Price: $$$
Rating: ***

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