Saturday, 23 December 2017

Year End Summary

I only really started this blog in the summer, so I don't have loads of posts, but I decided that I should do a summary of the best places for x, for the year; some of the places I've visited weren't full marks but were maybe the best places to, say, go get just cocktails or have the best snacks. Also, since there are people who kind of like me and it's the 'holiday season' I haven't really been eating alone a whole lot. Compilations are what you do when you have no new material. Anyway, here's my picks for the year. Happy New Year and check 'em out in 2018.

Best Cocktails: Sous Sol; They're delicious, creative, and boozy; everything that a cocktail should be. If I could drink nothing else than 'Rencontrer dans le Jardin' for the rest of my life, I would be just fine with that, although constantly tipsy. It's what God drinks at garden parties, I'm fairly certain. Summer in a teacup.

Best Charcuterie: Bouchée Boucher; I really dig that you can pick and choose whatever meat and cheeses you like. Vegetarian? Get all cheese. Lactose intolerant? Full meat selection. In either case, if you love it, you can buy some to take home next door. How awesome is that?

Best Comfort Food: Saperavi; In true Eastern European fashion, this Georgian restaurant has the best things wrapped up in dough and pastry. Super delicious, kind of heavy, and the culinary equivalent to a warm hug.

Best Place to Go With Others: Asian Hot Pot; I really really loved this place but it is definitely for social dining, not solo. Go with your friends, get all you can eat, and mix and match and share. You'll all have a great time and the staff are amazing and accommodating.

Best Overall Outing for One: Thermëa. Yes, this one suffers from capacity problems sometimes. But when your problem is that you're too damn popular, you've got to be doing something right. The best and least awkward place to spend the entire day by yourself. As far as I've experienced. I'm willing to take suggestions.

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